How to Book a Storage Unit

To help determine the size of the unit required, please look at our sizes and price list, which gives approximate dimensions in feet and inches (some sizes may vary).

We can sometimes be very busy so don’t always have every size available - but if we don’t have your chosen unit we can usually accommodate with either a slightly larger unit than required or 2 smaller units to make up the same space.

Unit Location

Some units are located on the first & second floors (most but not all upstairs units are serviced by large goods lifts).

It is always best to either contact us or even better come and take a look around approximately a week before you require a unit to see the latest availability, as this changes on a daily basis.

Opening Times

Our opening hours in which you can have access for viewing are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and Saturday mornings 8.00am to 12.00pm.  We're closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Store Protect

Our Self Storage Agreement requires you to either: accept our enhanced liability protection under StoreProtect; or arrange insurance at your own expense for your stated Maximum Reinstatement Value for the duration of storage. Cost for the Store Protect enhanced liability is £1.20 per week including VAT per £1000 value of goods as declared by yourself.

To book a unit:

  1. Contact our office to discuss unit availability – we recommend that you call at our Skipton site to take a look at the available units & complete all of the following requirements:
  2. Set up the Direct Debit for ongoing payment – please note we do require all clients to set this Direct Debit up prior to booking a unit regardless of expected duration of storage requirement (or you can set up the Direct Debit in advance using the this link – please just click on it & complete your address & bank details):
  3. Provide photo ID
  4. Read and complete paperwork – as per the Self Storage Agreement & StoreProtect Addendum – (all 10 pages must be initialed by client)
  5. Pay for the first 4 weeks (minimum period), StoreProtect Cover & padlock (for £7.50 if required) by card.

If we can assist further please do not hesitate to make contact with our team on 01756 700770 or by email

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