If your New Year's Resolution was to declutter and free up space at home this New Year, what's the hold up? Why not start decluttering and creating the space now with storage at Skipton Self Store?

Christmas is a busy time for households and if you quickly realised you don't want a cluttered home anymore, it's worth investing in storage to free up space at home or the home office for 2022. Make extra space in your home by storing some of the bulkier items and take out storage to free up space at home this New Year.

We have plenty of different sized free up space storage units to choose from at Skipton Self Store, so it's really easy to find the right solution for you and free up space in your home or office. Whether you will be freeing space up in your wardrobe or temporarily storing big household items like furniture, you will find our storage units are safe, secure, dry and competitively priced for all our customers.

Our storage facility consistently welcomes customers from Skipton and the wider North and West Yorkshire areas, and we pride ourselves on our safe, secure and affordable storage units. Our storage to free up space at home this New Year comes in unit sizes from just 20 sqft right up to 200 sqft, so we're confident you'll find your exact requirement.

Call us now on 01756 700770 to speak to a member of our team or get an online quote for storage to free up space at home this New Year here.

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